SPiN Wired https://spinwired.com The Student News Site of South Pointe High School Fri, 28 Feb 2020 20:11:02 +0000 en-US hourly 1 https://wordpress.org/?v=5.3.2 A Successful Senior Swim Season: Student Feature on Tanner Roberts https://spinwired.com/20981/features/a-successful-senior-swim-season-a-student-feature-on-tanner-roberts/ https://spinwired.com/20981/features/a-successful-senior-swim-season-a-student-feature-on-tanner-roberts/#respond Fri, 28 Feb 2020 19:23:31 +0000 https://spinwired.com/?p=20981 How do you juggle swimming, school work, and social life at the same time?

“I juggle swimming, school work, and social life by just taking one thing at a time. I just set aside time for each one because I feel they are all pretty important. So when I’m not at practice I’m doing homework and when I don’t have homework I’m hanging out with friends.”


In all your years of swimming for South Pointe, what did you personally accomplish?

In all my years of swimming at South Pointe, I  personally accomplished a better work ethic. I learned how to evaluate where I was a swimmer and as a person and set goals then work on them one by one.”


What struggles has the team faced and how has the team overcome them?

“One main struggle our team had was the amount of injured team members. We had a few swimmers who had injuries and we had to use our younger and newer swimmers to step up and take the roles of those who were hurt.”


What are your future aspirations and does it include swimming?

“My future aspirations do not include swimming but they are to attend North Greenville University and study youth ministry and find a career in that.”


How did the season go? What big accomplishments were made?

This year’s swim season was a great season because of the new members joining and growing our team. We had a team accomplishment of winning region as well as many individual accomplishments.”



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Magnificent McElheney: Teacher Feature on Kymrie McElheney https://spinwired.com/20978/features/magnificent-mcelheney-teacher-feature-on-kymrie-mcelheney/ https://spinwired.com/20978/features/magnificent-mcelheney-teacher-feature-on-kymrie-mcelheney/#respond Fri, 28 Feb 2020 18:26:27 +0000 https://spinwired.com/?p=20978 Where did you first start teaching?

“My first job was at Cuba-Rushford high school, in Cuba New York, south of Buffalo.”


What brought you to South Pointe?

“I was teaching in Charlotte, NC for four years and I needed to be closer to home and South Pointe is the closest, but they also was the first school to grab me at the new teachers fair and tell me not to talk to anyone else”


Why did you move?

“About 10 years ago, New York did a big teacher cut, so when I went to find a job there were thousands of teachers in New York looking for jobs, so I started looking south and heard that Charlotte was hiring.”


How do you feel about your transition to South Pointe?

“It’s been a great transition. Admin, teachers and students have been great. It’s been super smooth without any issues.”


What is your favorite class to teach and why?

“I originally thought I was gonna hate probability and statistics because I had never taught it before, but it actually ended up being my favorite class because we could do more projects and activities with it. It was more than just solving equations”

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Time for Change with the Tardy Policy https://spinwired.com/20975/opinion/time-for-change-with-the-tardy-policy/ https://spinwired.com/20975/opinion/time-for-change-with-the-tardy-policy/#respond Fri, 28 Feb 2020 17:12:14 +0000 https://spinwired.com/?p=20975  You sleep through your alarm on a bright and early Monday morning. You rush to get packed and prepared for the school day ahead, get into your car, and arrive at school. You run inside and almost get to class when you hear that dreadful late bell. Time to get a tardy pass. Although this common occurrence of tardies with students nationwide seems essentially harmless, multiple tardies in one class can prompt severe consequences here at South Pointe High School. 

According to Mr. McCloud, who works in the attendance office at South Pointe High School, he states the punishments given based on how much tardies a student has in a class, “four times is after school detention, five times is two day after school detention, seven times is ISS (in-school suspension), and eight times is OSS (out-of-school suspension).” 

These tardy policy rules are something that South Pointe High School student Carson Gaynor finds irrational.

 When asking Carson on whether he agrees with the tardy policy or would want anything changed with it he stated, “The tardy policy is ridiculous. It’s enforced too strictly and you can’t even be late by  like 30 seconds. One time I had to stay and help a teacher with something and forgot to get a pass so I was late to my next block and had to get a tardy pass.” 

Furthermore, I asked him if students should be rewarded for good attendance or being on time to classes to which he stated, “I think it makes sense because sometimes it’s hard to get to class on time from ATC in the mornings and can be difficult with traffic or even car problems. It would also encourage others to get to class in order for the reward.”

 In other words, stating that some students may have some unforeseeable delays or mishaps that they couldn’t control and rewards should be acquitted to those who put a strong effort into being on time no matter the circumstance.

On the other hand, Mr. McCloud took a different stance on the tardy policy. I asked him “How can we encourage students to not be late for class?” which he responded with, “The kids need to enforce it and simply get to class on time.”

 He claimed that as a student it is your job to be on time and that it should be in the minds of the students whether or not they make this decision. I asked him whether or not any changes should be made with the tardy policy itself and he emphasized that the tardy policy has been successful at South Pointe for many years. McCloud said that the policy teaches students that punishments are needed for not doing what you’re required to do. 

To conclude, the diversity in the answers between both student Carson Gaynor and administrator Mr. McCloud shows that there needs to be middle ground between South Pointe’s administrators and student body. The tardy policy should help keep students in check but also provide some accommodation to every student enrolled. In other words, there should be some leniency in some late pass cases but also not too lenient to where it encourages students to show up late to class. There are many rules throughout our school system that kids have had to follow and even have been changed to help ensure the success of all. The tardy policy has had little to no change ever since South Pointe High School was first opened in 2005. Maybe it’s time for change.

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South Pointe Alumni Stephon Gilmore Wins NFL DPOY https://spinwired.com/20965/sports/south-pointe-alumni-stephon-gilmore-wins-nfl-dpoy/ https://spinwired.com/20965/sports/south-pointe-alumni-stephon-gilmore-wins-nfl-dpoy/#respond Thu, 27 Feb 2020 19:54:50 +0000 https://spinwired.com/?p=20965 A South Pointe alum is getting national recognition for their excellence and hard work. Patriots star cornerback Stephon Gilmore was recently awarded the 2019 NFL Defensive Player of the Year award.

His career high 6 interceptions this past season was tied with Minnesota Vikings cornerback Anthony Harris for the most in the NFL.

Gilmore has been a household name dating back to his days at South Pointe, where he led the Stallions to a 15-0 record and the AAAA state championship. For his amazing efforts, Stephon Gilmore was named South Carolina’s Mr. Football in 2008.

Stephon Gilmore during his senior year at South Pointe (Photo via MaxPreps)

After graduating early so he could participate in spring practice at the University of South Carolina, he made an immediate impact and came out of spring training as a starter at cornerback. South Pointe head football coach Devonte Holloman, who played with Gilmore for 3 years at USC, had this to say about his former teammate.

“When we first got there it was apparent that he was one of our top players right away… I knew he’d be one of the better corners in the league.” Holloman said.

By the end of his gamecock career, Gilmore was a 2x All-SEC selection, and a he even named a third team all-american by the associated press. It was evident that Gilmore was more than ready to compete at the next level, and after his junior at USC Stephon Gilmore declared for the NFL Draft.

Stephon Gilmore as a freshman at USC in 2009 (Photo by Scott Halleran/Getty Images North America)

The Buffalo Bills selected Stephon Gilmore with the 10th pick in the 2012 NFL Draft, and he made an immediate impact. Gilmore was named Buffalo’s #1 cornerback going into training camp, a title he’d hold for the duration of his time with the team.

In his 5th season, the last of his rookie contract, Stephon balled out and was named a pro bowler for the first time. His impressive play was recognized by the New England Patriots, and on March 9th, 2017, he was signed to a 5-year $65M contract, with $31M guaranteed, and an $18M signing bonus. This is where Stephon truly blossomed. In his 3 seasons with the Patriots, Gilmore has been named a pro bowler twice, an all-pro twice, and he was an indispensable part of the 2019 Patriots that won the Super Bowl.

Stephon Gilmore as a New England Patriot (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images)

At the conclusion of the 2020 NFL season, the Patriots weren’t able to bring the Lombardi trophy back to Foxborough, but Stephon got some hardware of his own when he was named the league’s defensive player of the year. Ty Law, a former all-pro cornerback in his own right, had this to say on Stephon’s 2020 season.

“It’s now proven without a doubt that you are the best DB/defensive player in football. Keep the flame burning bro! Next stop Canton,” Law said in an Instagram post immediately after Gilmore was named defensive player of the year.

Law was referencing the pro football hall of fame which is located in Canton, Ohio, suggesting he believes Gilmore will earn his spot there one day. With all the accolades Stephon is racking up, it’s definitely a conversation that will be had.

South Pointe was already known for churning out NFL level talent, but becoming someone who past legend call the best player in the world at your position is a step above even that. Stephon Gilmore is one the many South Pointe Stallions that’s achieved greatness in their lives after high school, and he’ll continue to give it all he’s got. Just as he did when he was here.

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Make Your Voice Count! https://spinwired.com/20962/multimedia/make-your-voice-count/ https://spinwired.com/20962/multimedia/make-your-voice-count/#respond Thu, 27 Feb 2020 19:42:00 +0000 https://spinwired.com/?p=20962

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Varsity Girls Basketball Conquers the Court in Round 3 of the Playoffs https://spinwired.com/20911/sports/varsity-girls-basketball-conquers-the-court-in-round-3-of-the-playoffs/ https://spinwired.com/20911/sports/varsity-girls-basketball-conquers-the-court-in-round-3-of-the-playoffs/#respond Thu, 27 Feb 2020 02:09:03 +0000 https://spinwired.com/?p=20911 The Varsity Girls Basketball team took to the court this past Monday, Feb. 26, 2019 to take on the Ridge View Blazers in the third round of the playoffs. The girls beat the Blazers with a score of 57-44, now making their overall record a solid 26-2 and a region record of 8-2.

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Satirical Cartoon https://spinwired.com/20908/entertainment/satirical-cartoon/ https://spinwired.com/20908/entertainment/satirical-cartoon/#respond Wed, 26 Feb 2020 01:48:29 +0000 https://spinwired.com/?p=20908

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Coach Causes Catastrophe https://spinwired.com/20900/sports/coach-causes-catastrophe/ https://spinwired.com/20900/sports/coach-causes-catastrophe/#respond Tue, 25 Feb 2020 18:22:15 +0000 https://spinwired.com/?p=20900 What happened to the South Pointe Girls Soccer team? Just last season, they were breaking records left and right: from being Region 4A Champs to beating Rock Hill High School for the first time in school history. Now, their team is dismantled and left in pieces, all within a matter of months.

Following a very successful season with multiple school records being broken, the South Pointe Girls Soccer Team suffered a huge loss among itself.

Coach Marin, now the Girls Soc, offered girls on both JV and Varsity private soccer lessons, so that players could “practice out of the season to continue improving as players,” as stated by Marin himself in a message sent out on June 12, 2019 to the girls through the Band App, a form of communication for the team.

Motivated players, including sophomore Lawson Veale, took the opportunity to gain extra practice and attended these private lessons, despite it being against the rules of the South Carolina High School League. In SCHSL’s rule book, it specifically states that through the dates of July 22-December 2, girls “cannot practice” or “cannot do any skill training,” which in other words means, there must be no practice with a ball during this time because it is considered a closed season. However, Coach Marin continued on with his private lessons, in which he asked for money in return. After a few sessions, the violation was brought up to South Pointe’s Athletic Director Hare, who ultimately put an end to it. 

In October 2019, Marin sent out a message to the girls that summarized how proud he was of their accomplishments, as well as his ultimate decision to step down from being their head coach in order to avoid being fired. Emotions and reactions varied from girl to girl about the sudden news.

Sophomore Carly Kennedy explained that she felt “it was very good that he got fired, just because of how he was coaching,” and thought it was a good decision but “should’ve been done a lot sooner for many other reasons.”

Many girls who experienced Marin’s coaching know that he is tough, and you must have a tough exterior to play on his team.

Senior Zoe Kennedy, also last year’s team captain, described the situation as “difficult,” but felt as though “Marin knew the consequences, but was focused on himself,” and agrees that it was a good decision to fire Marin.

Other girls were saddened by his “resignation” and questioned whether to play for the 2019-2020 season.

“Even though I only experienced only one season with him, Marin always put an effort in trying to get to know us and how we play, which is why I questioned whether or not I wanted to meet a new coach and play this year,” explained Junior Andrea de la Cruz. 

After months of confusion and everything up in the air, the girls and their families received an email from Athletic Director Hare detailing the restrictions placed upon the team due to these severe violations.

“As it stands, we have a fine, lose our first 3 days of practice, can only have one scrimmage, cannot host any events, and cannot participate in post season play,” the emailed explained.

Furthermore, Athletic Director Hare stated that he would go before the High School League Executive Committee to appeal this ruling, in which in the future only appealed the playoffs, meaning the girls are now allowed to participate in the playoffs.

In response, the girls felt as though the punishments were too harsh and it was already a punishment not having a coach because “now we have to start over how we learn from a coach and our team has to cope with a new one,” said Sophomore Ava Robitaille.

Hopefully, these new changes will not offset the many accomplishments the girls soccer team has achieved so far.

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Should Absences Matter More than Grades? https://spinwired.com/20896/opinion/should-absences-matter-more-than-grades/ https://spinwired.com/20896/opinion/should-absences-matter-more-than-grades/#respond Tue, 25 Feb 2020 17:26:31 +0000 https://spinwired.com/?p=20896 Attendance rules for school are district and state policy but, deemed too strict by many students and teachers. A student can only miss six days of school each semester unless they have a medical excuse or a death in the family. After exceeding six absences, a student has to bring in those select excuses and fill out competency based credit or attend makeup school for $20.

Rock Hill School District Attendance Coordinator, Sally W. Wilson, explained that South Carolina State Law requires the district to show a certain amount of seat time for each student to receive one Carnegie unit of credit for each course.

Wilson stated, “I feel the benefits of good/regular school attendance and how it truly benefits and teaches students is more likely appreciated by students and have a better understanding when they graduate from High School, enter the workforce or go to college”.

As a district employee, Wilson contributes that she agrees with the policy as it helps students stay involved in class.

Many students miss seven or more classes in one semester because of personal and medical excuses. Although a doctor’s note can excuse a student, if a student is not sick enough to go to the doctor but too sick to go to school, they receive an unexcused absence. Excused absences can only be obtained with an obituary, doctor’s note, or an academic field trip/tour sheet.

Geography and Introduction to Psychology 101 teacher, Mrs. Kimberly Yarbrough disagreed with the attendance policy. Yarbrough has been a teacher at South Pointe for many years and has had two children graduate from the school. She expressed that she thought students should get at least 10 unexcused absences a semester because six days is too few if you do not want children coming to school sick or contagious.

Senior and Student Body President Maddie Smith agreed with Yarbrough.

“I think the absence policy is good in theory but does not provide the proper leniency for unique needs of each student. I do not believe that all students should be held to the same standard because some go through mental or physical illness, loss of loved ones, and numerous other things which impact them all differently. I do think that students should be required to come to school as much as they possibly can, but sometimes that is not possible and the policy in place now does not require much wiggle room,” said Smith.

The absence policy does not give leniency when it comes to family members in the hospital, minor illness, or trips planned, only death and doctor appointments. If a student’s family member was admitted to the hospital, the student has to deal with an unexcused absence or visit after school hours whether it is dire or not.

This policy does not give time for students to learn to grieve after losing a loved one, as an obituary only allows three consistent absences to be excused. Although South Pointe has unfortunately seen more loses than it should, the absence policy still only gives three bereavement days until it becomes an unexcused absence.

Many students still exceed the six unexcused absence and have to attend makeup school unless they have doctor excuses or an obituary for their exceeded days. Makeup school is $20 for every eight hours on select Saturdays at South Pointe. This not only costs students money but also takes time out of the school week to make up the unexcused absences. This policy is required whether a student has an A in the class or an F.

Competency based credit is allowed if a student has an excuse for every missed day after exceeding the sixth, passes their final exam with a 60 and passes the course with a 70. The requirements do not seem very difficult but having an excuse for every day you missed that exceeded six makes this option impossible for some students.

Not only does a student filing for competency based credit have to make each of their teachers sign a form saying they approve them for passing their class, but the principal, Dr. Marty Conner, also has to approve the student to be able to receive the academic credit. This not only makes bad use of a student’s time, but also the teachers and principal that has to fill out the form as well.

Many students have failed courses due to absences while they hold high A’s and B’s in the course. Obviously their absences has not affected their grades but yet they are still forced to prove they should get the credit for the class.

Senior, Kimora Blackmon failed a class due to absences her junior year yet still holds high grades and has been accepted into many universities. Her attendance should not represent her academic performance yet before she attended makeup school for 1.5 hours and $20, it did.

The attendance policy is seen as too strict and not fair to many cases at South Pointe High School by students and teachers. If you agree that the policy should become more lenient or reasonable, you can reach out to the South Carolina Department of Education at info@ed.sc.gov to change the attendance policy.

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Spin Around South Pointe (Week of Feb. 17) https://spinwired.com/20866/multimedia/spin-around-south-pointe-week-of-feb-17/ https://spinwired.com/20866/multimedia/spin-around-south-pointe-week-of-feb-17/#respond Sun, 16 Feb 2020 02:08:10 +0000 https://spinwired.com/?p=20866

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