SPiN Wired https://spinwired.com The Student News Site of South Pointe High School Tue, 19 May 2020 16:43:42 +0000 en-US hourly 1 https://wordpress.org/?v=5.5.3 Class of 2020, Your Dream Still Lives https://spinwired.com/21103/features/class-of-2020-your-dream-still-lives/ https://spinwired.com/21103/features/class-of-2020-your-dream-still-lives/#respond Tue, 19 May 2020 16:43:42 +0000 https://spinwired.com/?p=21103 As an individual, I “wear” many hats. I serve as a community activist, an author, a storyteller, a dramatic interpreter, and an educator.  I have served as an educator for almost two decades, and over my tenure, I have had the privilege to teach high school seniors for 10 of those years. My greatest joy was watching my high school seniors cross the stage and the hours leading up to the momentous occasion because I watched many of them mature from childish teenagers to budding adults.  Some had survived unimaginable odds to finally don their caps and gowns. Some never thought the moment would ever come, but there they were about to embark upon the ending of an era and the beginning of a bright future.

 On graduation, as teachers and students, we waited for sometimes hours in the sweltering tunnel of the Winthrop Coliseum.  I would bring my requisite bag of mints to lighten the mood (and for obvious reasons). I offered them one by one to each student in my graduation row line to ensure that for one last time in their high school careers they know someone cares about them.   As the students waited in anticipation to march in, the questions were often the same: “How’s my hair?”, “Should my tassel be on the right or left?”, “Is my lipstick okay?”, “Do you have some gum?” “Do you have some candy?” “How’s my tie?”, and “How do I march in again?”  Many students would capture photos with each other and their favorite teachers for one last time.  Some would stand paralyzed, shocked that this moment was finally here. Some students would run late as usual, so their friends and teachers texted and called them as they had done so many times before. 

Then, the horns, strings, and drums invited the teachers to prepare for the graduation entrance lines. Pomp and Circumstance, our cue, signaled the faculty to line up, but not until we rechecked the graduation lines to guarantee that they were properly organized before departing. As we, the faculty, walked through the throng of anxious teenagers to our teacher lines, we felt like celebrities. The soon-to-be graduates yelled our names and clapped in adoration. Even now, I can hear the shouts: “Mrs. Dawson!” “Daw Daw!” “We love you!” 

As the faculty marched in, our students followed. We lead our students one last time. However, this time we lead them to their alphabetized seats.  For the last four years, we hoped they would behave well at school assemblies. In school assemblies, often there was chatter, some were rude, some were on phones, or asleep, but at graduation, we never had to worry about that.  This was their moment! The graduation ceremony was about to begin!

Each year the graduation ceremony outline was the same:  a welcome, student officers spoke, and the valedictorian and the salutatorian left students with encouraging words. The chorus sang like heavenly angels, the principal offered his words of hope and reflection, the diplomas were conferred, and the final proclamation was made. During the graduation, the students walked meticulously to the stage, hoping to not fall in their heels or trip on their pants. And, they all prayed that the announcer would pronounce their names correctly. 

However, while the line-up was the same each year, each graduation was special. No two were alike. Each year was different. Each child was different. Each memory was different. And, each time I cried, knowing the endless opportunities that lie ahead for each student, hoping they take advantage of them.   

And, then, the principal would finally utter the words that the each student had been waiting for, “Congratulations! You may move your graduation tassels from the right to the left. You have now fulfilled the requirements to be a graduate of South Carolina. Congratulations!” 

As always, the crowd erupted in thunderous applause as the newly christened graduates belt out the school’s alma mater. Signs tossing in the air like confetti. Parents, grandparents, siblings, and friends shouting until they lose their voices. Cameras clicking for the stars of the show. Yes, this was THE moment.  

Some would say high school graduation is just another day or it’s just a simple walk down an aisle in a robe. But, for many, it symbolizes the end of a long journey traversed, a milestone that is unmatched. For some, this event signifies the end of a journey with classmates who have yet to reach the finish line. Sadly, some who started did not make it to this day. Some classmates have gained their heavenly wings, but memories of life-time friends will forever linger in the hearts of the graduates.

For some, this is a historic moment because they are pioneers. These students are the first to graduate in their families.  

But, for all of the students who march down the aisle donned in their caps and gowns, this is more than a day. It is a dream fulfilled. Indeed, this year will be  different. This year is 2020. And just as always, each graduation is special. No two are alike. Each year is different. Each child is different. Each memory is different. And, this time I will still cry, knowing the endless opportunities that lie ahead for each student, hoping they take advantage of them.  Class of 2020, congratulations. Your dream still lives.

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Tik Tok’s Bad Timing https://spinwired.com/21098/entertainment/tik-toks-bad-timing/ https://spinwired.com/21098/entertainment/tik-toks-bad-timing/#respond Tue, 28 Apr 2020 17:00:42 +0000 https://spinwired.com/?p=21098 Because of the statewide issue of staying at home to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus, many teens hop onto Tik Tok multiple times throughout the day to prevent boredom. This new social media platform has videos ranging from dances to comedy to travel. Recently, a new trend has popped up and it raises the question of, “What does this show about ourselves?”

As you may be aware, the United States is the current leader for most cases of COVID-19 with more than 100,000 cases according to World-O-Meters. This is serious. However, as more cases of COVID-19 rose, so did the popularity of making TIk Toks about the coronavirus. Most Tik Toks are meant to be funny, but this new trend may show the true colors of some individuals.

An account on Tik Tok by the username @clean.sound.x created a new audio that involves the coronavirus. “Co-co-corona, oh corona, that pulled up to your city like aloha,” is just a small part of the lyrics that show how this serious disease is taken as a trend, rather than a real life situation. In response to this audio, Tik Tok users create dances to match the audio. It starts off with people coughing and then hitting well-known Tik Tok moves.

Dancing to a Tik Tok audio about the Coronavirus makes the situation seem lighthearted, and may lead people to think the problem is not as serious as it is. Just in the United States, there have been an estimated  3,000 deaths so far. Not only are there dances and songs about COVID-19, but there are also hundreds of thousands of Tik Toks making a joke about the situation.

A viral Tik Tok about COVID-19 famously goes, “When you cannot see your friends because someone in China ate a bat,” referring to supposedly where the disease originated. This joke shifts the pandemic problem on China by implying that COVID-19 has been spreading because the first case originated in China, supposedly because someone ate an animal. Tik Toks like this lead to the spread of false information and has even led to mass discrimination against Asians.

Tik Toks can be funny, but maybe should not be involved in some situations. The Coronavirus outbreak is a global pandemic and should be taken seriously, as well as self-quarantine to prevent the spread of the virus. Although making Tik Toks may be a way to cope with staying inside all day, it is not an excuse to discriminate against Asians or make fun of the reality of the virus. In the end, this may say something about ourselves as humans, and it is not good.

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Quarantined and Calm https://spinwired.com/21095/entertainment/quarantined-and-calm/ https://spinwired.com/21095/entertainment/quarantined-and-calm/#respond Tue, 28 Apr 2020 15:16:28 +0000 https://spinwired.com/?p=21095 Whether we like to admit it or not, everyday life put many stresses on us that may be hard to manage, so it’s no secret that mental health is just as important as physical health. However, what happens when your usual stress relieving activities are taken away? What about going out to eat or enjoying a movie? With the current state of the nation and lack of vitamin D, here is how to keep your Zen during a worldwide Pandemic.

On March 23rd, the government announced its “Safer at home” treaty, which gave 9 states a curfew and shut down most all outside activity. On March 26th, 6 states turned into 21 and then 30 on the 30th. Now that citizens are collectively staying inside to be safe, never having the house can be a bit detrimental and boring. According to the Center of Disease Control “Spending time in quarantine can take a serious mental toll. Part of the reason for this is the impact that quarantine has on three key elements of mental health Autonomy, Competency, and Connectedness.” The CDC also stated that when isolated you feel anxious and without control. This causes feelings of Fear, Sadness, Insomnia, Confusion, Anger, and Depressive symptoms.

Here are some recommended tasks to help cope with quarantine. First, establishing a routine is a very important and useful chore. One of the most dissatisfying issues of the pandemic is the disruption of everyday life, so establishing a routine to your liking can be a well thought out way to keep your day full.

Secondly, be active. It’s proven that the hormones released during any kind of exercise help fight depression and let you feel more comforted. Something as simple as yoga or afternoon stretches will positives outcomes.

Lastly is communication, now is the best time to talk to your loved ones. There is a temporary ban on social gatherings of more than three people so seeing distant loved ones is difficult in this time but by reaching out with a simple text or call can bring about a calming emotion.

Remember that you are not alone in this situation or in how you feel, these hard times have affected everyone. By staying inside you are flattening the curve and preventing the spread of the Corona Virus. Social distancing is the best defense against this new illness and your extra measures taken are not going unnoticed. This is a scary time for all. When you think about why you are doing this it’s all worth it. Although a lot of the things we love have been put on pause, by making these sacrifices it is important to save ourselves from unnecessary stresses.

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COVID-19’s Impact on Hospitals https://spinwired.com/21092/opinion/covid-19s-impact-on-hospitals/ https://spinwired.com/21092/opinion/covid-19s-impact-on-hospitals/#respond Tue, 28 Apr 2020 15:15:13 +0000 https://spinwired.com/?p=21092 Covid-19 has definitely taken a lot of things away from us. Schools are closed, people are laid off, and hospitals are over flowing. Not to mention we’re also running low on supplies to care for the patients. Stay at home orders have been placed and only a certain number of people can gather at a time but it is still not recommended to go out unless it’s essential.

Piedmont hospital has released a few articles talking about how covid-19 has affected us in all ways. One that stood out to me was talking about mental health.

Humans’ stress and worry all the time but when we have a natural routine we tend to not stress as much. Without a routine were constantly thinking and stressing. This can lower our immune system and cause us to be at a higher risk of getting sick.

We still need our natural daily routines and we also need to find ways to stay calm. Even if you’re not working you can still find a good amount of things to do wherever you are. You can exercise and/or deep clean your room. You can always find stuff to do at home and make it your new daily routine. Do what you need to do to keep yourself calm and stress free.

As hospital bed after hospital beds are filling up so are our cases. Materials are needed but sometimes they can’t get there in time and we end up behind. Other than the usual stress of a pandemic Piedmont continues to enforce healthy procedures and even gives out some tips for mental health. All in all they seem to be handling all of this pretty well so people don’t panic.

Promoting good health is the biggest thing I’ve seen and read about Piedmont so far. Social distancing and staying home, staying 6-10 feet away from people in public, wearing masks and gloves, and most importantly unless you have Covid-19 no going to see patients in the hospitals. It’s better to stay away from others during this time because germs spread fast and even faster in big groups of people. To keep us all safe Piedmont hospitals continues to remind us that we need to follow the guidelines and it will be over soon.

As a huge hospital I cannot imagine the stress of the employees, working over 12 hours shifts. Constantly having to be back and forth between home and work. And most importantly not being able to see their children.

My older cousin is currently working at the children’s hospital that I go to for my doctor’s appointments. The way they have her schedule set up is 2 weeks on and 2 weeks off. Her son stays with his father and at daycare while she works then when she’s home her husband is off to work. They both have pretty busy lives and they wish it was all over and for their lives to go back to normal. Everyone wants this and as the media continues to assure us we will get through this.

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COVID-19’s Impact on South Pointe High School Sports https://spinwired.com/21084/news/covid-19s-impact-on-south-pointe-high-school-sports/ https://spinwired.com/21084/news/covid-19s-impact-on-south-pointe-high-school-sports/#respond Mon, 27 Apr 2020 21:11:15 +0000 https://spinwired.com/?p=21084 South Pointe High School students who are athletes have not been able to play their sport because of the Coronavirus. The Coronavirus has messed up so many important things but mainly it’s messing up athletes’ futures. 

South Pointe High School Sports have been out since March 13th 2020 and who knows if they will be able to play the rest of this year. Every athlete at SPHS has been wondering when they will be able to start playing their dream sport again. 

Zoe Kennedy who is a Senior at SPHS plays Soccer and she is planning on going to college for Soccer. Kennedy said her last Soccer practice was Friday,March 13th and her favorite sport quote is, “Talent without hard work is nothing.”

(Zoe Kennedy attempting to control the ball/photo by Grace Gresham)

“I am a member of a team, and I rely on the team, I defer to it and sacrifice for it, because the team, not the individual, it the ultimate champion” -Mia Hamm.  “I can’t really name the feeling that I get when I play sports but almost what happens is that everything that ever bothered me kind of just goes away and it’s just a way that I can express myself through something I love to do and I just focus on the game and focus on the task and my friends in the game. I kind of just forget about everything else it’s really relaxin,” Carly Kennedy said who plays SPHS Tennis and Soccer.

(Carly Kennedy cheering after a goal in last year’s second round of playoffs/ photo by Grace Gresham)
(Carly Kennedy preparing for a match/ photo by Kristi Kennedy)









South Pointe High School student athlete Jordan Cook who plays softball said, “The sport has been a part of my life for almost 9 years. It has become part of who I am. It’s my escape from reality. When I step onto that field, I’m zoned in.” Jordan’s favorite sports quote is “there may be people that have more talent than you, but there is no excuse for anyone to work harder than you,” from Derek Jeter.

(Jordan Cook pitching a fast ball)

“I think it’s horrible that every event has been cut and that seniors can’t finish their last year, but I understand the seriousness of the situation and so I just try and remember all the lives that are being affected,” stated Kieu Mai, a member of the Varsity Girls Soccer Team. 

(Kieu Mai steering the ball away from the opponent/ photo by Grace Gresham)

South Pointe High School is cancelled until next August which also means so are SPHS sports.

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COVID-19’s Disastrous Impact on the US Economy https://spinwired.com/21079/news/covid-19s-disastrous-impact-on-the-us-economy/ https://spinwired.com/21079/news/covid-19s-disastrous-impact-on-the-us-economy/#respond Sun, 26 Apr 2020 23:24:48 +0000 https://spinwired.com/?p=21079 COVID-19, also commonly known as the Coronavirus, is causing nearly the entire world to completely shut down in order to stop the spread. Coronavirus, which originated in Wuhan, China last year, has sense spread through every continent except Antarctica as of March 29, 2020. COVID-19 is the third ever reported global Coronavirus outbreak behind the SARS Coronavirus in 2002 from China and the MERS Coronavirus in 2012 from Saudi Arabia. According to the Washington Post, there are over 700,000 worldwide cases of COVID-19, over 100,000 cases in the United States, and likely many more to come.

As a result many countries like Italy, China, Spain, and many locations in the United States have even issued in-house lockdowns in order to stop the spread of the disease and control the heavy demand of health care providers. However, although heavy focus lies on controlling the spread of this disease, the economic aspect of this is often overlooked.

According to Statistica.com, the United States (US) stock market accounts for nearly 54% of all world stocks, meaning “economically” the US impacts other nations greatly. As panic began to build and government officials began to enforce quarantines on citizens, the US stock market (Dow Jones Industrial Average) plummeted.

March 9th, 11th, and 12th became the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th largest daily point losses in a large part due to the growing coronavirus concerns. On March 16th, the US stock market had its largest one day point loss ever recorded coming in at -12.93%. From March 4th to March 29th, the Dow Jones Industrial Average has in itself dropped almost 25% (27,090.86 points to 21,636.78 points). Moreover, according to CNBC’s Fred Imbert, “Dow Jones Industrial Average futures fell 260 points, pointing to an implied drop of about 332.78 points at the Monday open.” In other words, growing confidence is that the US stock market will continue to drop.

The importance of the stock market entering a recession or major decline may not seem very worrisome to the normal person, however the US stock market reflects our daily lives in society. According to Investopedia.com, “A recession can lead companies to report financial losses while some companies go bankrupt – leading to companies laying workers off. As a result, a decrease in the demand for goods occurs and leads to lower growth rates for companies and the overall economy.” In other words, a low stock market means a bad lifestyle for you.

One may be asking, “Well how can we prevent this major decline from continuing to happen?” The answer is simple: Investors need to continue to buy and invest and consumers need to continue to shop. More money that goes through corporations means the market stays active and we will see a continued growth in the US economy.

COVID-19 is something we as a society need to take seriously in order to protect everyone and contain the spread of the disease. It is important to follow guidelines by health officials and government officials in order to keep safe. However, it is just as important to understand our economy and how we the consumers and investors can help our society be better than ever after this horrible disease passes.





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Stay at Home; The Earth Needs You Too https://spinwired.com/21072/news/stay-at-home-the-earth-needs-you-too/ https://spinwired.com/21072/news/stay-at-home-the-earth-needs-you-too/#respond Sun, 26 Apr 2020 00:47:32 +0000 https://spinwired.com/?p=21072 Being quarantined due to COVID-19 has not been easy for us as human beings. Being told to stay inside is not what we are used to; however, good has come out of this. While we’re told to stay inside, it has given the earth a chance to reset and rest after being worn down by humans. Many environmentalists are praising COVID-19 for giving the Earth the break it needs.

Air quality is one of the most noticeable changes in largely polluted areas according to ABCNews, such as Italy and China. Less cars on the road means less CO2 and gasses being put into the environment. Air quality has dramatically improved in those areas. Another unexpected environmental change is Venice’s clear canals. The canals have not been used recently because of COVID-19 which has allowed the waters to clear up. With less tourists and pollution then the waters are pretty again.

Another good change this pandemic has brought is the effect on wildlife around us. Animals have had more roam to move how they please and not have to deal with humans as much. Many animals have become more nocturnal because of human patterns, but with less humans being out in the daylight, many animals have started going out more in the daytime.

While this pandemic brings uncertainty and hardships during this time, there is good news coming out of this new change. While we are told to stay home and be distant from one another, the Earth has earned a needed break from the busy life us humans live.

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Pandemic Parenting https://spinwired.com/21074/entertainment/pandemic-parenting/ https://spinwired.com/21074/entertainment/pandemic-parenting/#respond Sat, 25 Apr 2020 23:39:35 +0000 https://spinwired.com/?p=21074 It is no secret that the Coronavirus caused many families to be quarantined in their homes. This has made many Rock Hill students and parents to have mixed feeling on the whole safety process. This virus has caused parents to step up and learn a new job, also known as teacher.

It is hard switching from what was normal to this new normal. Many moms are missing their old schedules, especially Jennifer Polston. Jennifer is now responsible for make sure that her three kids are still getting their education throughout all of this chaos. While she doesn’t mind working at home and spending some extra hours with her kids, Jennifer misses her old schedule.

“It is equal parts of wonderful and hard. I love spending time with my kids. I’ve had several very special moments with them that wouldn’t have otherwise happened. But it is also hard to keep everyone entertained and keep their school work done along with mine.” Polston stated.

While Jennifer misses her old schedule, Grace Medford doesn’t. Grace said she loves having a schedule, but just doesn’t miss her old one. Her old routine caused her to get up at 5 every morning just to get her two kids everywhere on time. This for Grace is like a blessing in disguise. She now has more time to care for her family and her home.

“I am happy to get more time with my babies! I do wish I could have this time with them even after the virus is gone.” Medford explained.

Many parents are having to get creative with their time. It is very hard to be stuck in your home all day but Teague and Mattie Zo make it work. While this can be a very hard time in our lives, Teague trust God to bring her through it.

“My daughter loves to draw so the house is now covered in her original artwork.” Teague voiced.

Other parents love this whole online learning deal. Smith believes that it keeps her mind young with what they are teaching kids in middle school nowadays.

“I’ve really been enjoying working with my kids on their online learning. The teachers have been super supportive and helpful. We have all been a little more relaxed.” Smith added.

Each parent’s taking this virus one step at a time. They are all hoping that this virus goes away soon in hopes for a nice summer.

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Local Rock Hill Restaurant and Business Updates due to Coronavirus https://spinwired.com/21066/news/local-rock-hill-restaurant-and-business-updates-due-to-coronavirus/ https://spinwired.com/21066/news/local-rock-hill-restaurant-and-business-updates-due-to-coronavirus/#respond Sat, 25 Apr 2020 20:33:14 +0000 https://spinwired.com/?p=21066 As schools are shut down and workers are sent home, restaurants and businesses have had to update their service in order to stay open and comply with new rules and regulations from the CDC and the Governor of South Carolina, Henry McMaster. 

The Governor announced on Tuesday, March 17th that “Restaurants and bars must close their dine-in service starting tomorrow, starting tomorrow morning,” “It is allowed and recommended that takeout, curbside delivery of food….all that be increased, enhanced” 

This means that inside dining and seating areas are all closed because they could be a health safety hazard in the goal of slowing the spread of COVID-19. Drive thru and Carry Outs are still allowed to be open and available and are strongly recommended by the Governor in order to keep the economy flowing and our local Restaurants alive. While businesses will certainly be impacted, it is the hope that consumers will still support local places during this time.  

While Restaurants and Fast Food places have followed these new regulations, many have decided to close for the time being because they can’t afford to stay open just for takeouts.White Horse and McCales are some of the few who have closed their doors.  Many Rock Hill restaurants have decided to stay open and make as much business as they can during this period, but many are going to suffer because of social distancing and closures. 

Hometown favorites like Ebenezer Grill, Grumpy Brothers and Michaels are having takeouts and curbside pickups for customers. Other restaurants are offering new specials during these hard times to promote business, but also help consumers that are struggling as well. Lee’s Famous Recipe is having a free kids special Monday through Friday, Knowledge Perk is offering community care cards , and HWY 55 is advertising a free kids meal with the purchase of an adult entree. 

While Citizens are urged to stay home, it is also important that local restaurants are not forgotten as they strive to stay open to support their staff and community. While times are hard we need to think of ways to get through it as a community. Staying home is very important, but don’t forget to keep supporting businesses as they struggle to stay open for families and their staff. 


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Hayden’s Quarantine Survival Playlist: Part 1 https://spinwired.com/21069/entertainment/haydens-quarantine-survival-playlist-part-1/ https://spinwired.com/21069/entertainment/haydens-quarantine-survival-playlist-part-1/#respond Sat, 25 Apr 2020 04:44:23 +0000 https://spinwired.com/?p=21069 This so-called “quarantine” has, understandably, thrown everyone for a loop and more than likely caused some very emotional thoughts to occur. It almost seems as though we’re going crazy from time to time, but, in the end, we must survive for the better of health and wellness.

Now, one thing I have been doing to get by during this hard and strenuous time is play and listen to music basically every second of the day. Music has always been something that relaxes me and instantly changes my mood when I’m not in the best one at the time.

This being said, I took it upon myself to design a playlist of 50 of my favorite songs, at the moment, in what I call “Hayden’s Quarantine Survival Playlist”.

Within the playlist, you can find a variety of musical genres as well as a range of different artists that have always either stood out to me or are just automatic classics. There’s some new music, as well as a lot of older hits from some of the 2000’s best albums. From Beyoncé, Frank Ocean, and Billie Eilish to Harry Styles, Kacey Musgraves, and Conan Gray, there’s going to be something for everybody.

Links to Playlist:

Apple Music


Now, here’s a breakdown of the first 15 songs and why I added them to this playlist:

  1. “Find an Island” – BENEE: Now, if you have a TikTok account, it is more than likely you learned the dance or at least heard this artist’s song called “Supalonely”. As catchy as that song is, I took a deeper look into the “Stella & Steve –EP” that both songs are featured on and this song particularly stood out. Attractive electronic sounds and intriguing lyrics fill the song and made me constantly come back for more.
  2. “Little League” – Conan Gray: This song screams teenage nostalgia. Whether it’s due to Conan being pretty close in age to myself or just his young appeal, this song fits the exact mood that most students, especially seniors, are feeling right now. The singer reflects on his time in high school and if he “can get a rewind”, all to a strong chorus with heavy-hitting drums and soft, but sweet harmonies. If any song represents my time at South Pointe High School, it’s this one. I truly will miss it and this song only helps me better my memories of a school that I would consider home.
  3. “Save Your Tears” – The Weeknd: This and The Weeknd’s “Blinding Lights” gives off strong 80’s sounds that completely fill me with joy. As sad as some of the lyrics may be, this song honestly only makes me feel good. The keyboards and smooth rhythmic notes can only make me smile. This song is easily one of my favorites from the Weeknd’s newly released fourth studio album.
  4. “Savage” – Megan Thee Stallion: How could I not include this song? As easily one of Meg’s biggest hits, this song is the definition of a “bop”. Not only did this song come with another classic TikTok dance, Meg’s lyrics, although quite graphic, are easily a standout factor as they flawlessly flow over a simple two note beat. Personally, I learned every single word and every time I hear this song play, I have no choice but to go all out.
  5. “Dime Store Cowboy” – Kacey Musgraves: Kacey Musgraves has easily become one of my favorite artists and this song truly describes her older style in the best way possible. I don’t particularly love most country music but there isn’t a single song by her that I don’t enjoy, as you’ll probably see by the three more songs I have by her on this playlist. Kacey reminiscences on her hometown and the time leading up to her stardom all through sweet lyrics and bright guitars and banjos.
  6. “Karma” – Lucky Daye: This song immediately gave me “Them Changes” by Thundercat vibes. A bass guitar fills the song with a deep, jarring riff along with Daye’s deep vocals and harmonies. I can only choose to nod my head and close my eyes when I hear this song.
  7. “I Miss You” – Beyoncé: “I Miss You” is a strong contender for the saddest song on this playlist, but sometimes sad songs are exactly what you need when you’re not feeling your best. As cheesy as this sounds, this song goes out to all the people that made my time as a Stallion so great. I honestly don’t know how to describe this song, so if you haven’t already, go give it a listen.
  8. “I Don’t Miss You At All” – FINNEAS: When I say this I mean it with complete honesty. I did not mean to put this song right after Beyoncé’s “I Miss You”, it really just happened, but I’m glad it did. The placement of these two songs alone shows the strange dynamics that come from high school. Of course, I would do anything to go back right now, but there are most definitely things that make me say “I don’t miss you at all”.
  9. “So Good” – Omar Apollo: Now, this a song that makes me want to just get up and dance, you know, if I could do that. I had never heard any previous work by Apollo, but I’m glad I finally gave him a go, especially with this song. The electric guitar followed by subtle hi-hats and a rhythmic keyboard only make this song even better than it already is.
  10. “No Time to Die” – Billie Eilish: The respect that I have for Billie Eilish is insane. Not only is Eilish a 5-time Grammy winner at only the age of 18, she is now one of the few people who has had the honor to write and perform the theme song for a James Bond film. I can’t lie, when I first heard that Billie and her brother Finneas were given the reigns to writing a song like this, I was a little concerned. As soon as I heard Billie utter the first words from “No Time to Die”, all doubt left my body. To summarize, this song is beautiful and Billie proves to be a standout artist of our generation.
  11. “Posthumous Forgiveness” – Tame Impala: Originally released as a single before the publishing of their long-awaited album “The Slow Rush”, Tame Impala masters the Alternative genre once again. Similar to Frank Ocean’s “Nights”, this song is basically two-in-one. At a sold six minutes and six seconds long, “Posthumous Forgiveness” is unique even for Tame Impala. I’ve never really heard a song like this, and when I say this I mean it in only positive ways.
  12. “I Can See” – Mac Miller: Soft keyboard strokes followed by light 8O8 drums. A song filled with elements as simple as this can truly be amazing and Miller proves just so. Featured on his posthumous album “Circles”, Miller slows down his album’s speed with this song. You can really feel his emotion throughout his lyrics, but with the help of his former girlfriend Ariana Grande, you get an even better glimpse into romance with an amazing chorus.
  13. “HAD ENOUGH” – Don Toliver (feat. Quavo & Offset): I’m not sure if it was Don Toliver’s unique sound or The Carter’s sample of their song “Summer” that made me love this song. Either way, I’m glad I found it when I did. Strong verses from all three parties are featured and this song overall is great.
  14. “To Be So Lonely” – Harry Styles: The opening ukulele picks and strums alone made me fall in love with this song. There is truly a story behind Style’s work and he specifically features one in “To Be So Lonely”. Although the verses are strong, the true strongest part of this song is its chorus. Beginning with an increasingly loud cymbal, Styles harmonizes and wows all audiences with this meaningful piece of music.
  15. “Come Back to Earth” – Mac Miller: The first song I ever heard by Miller and easily my favorite. It opens with some of nicest minor guitar chords that completely make me love his style of rap. When artists, particularly of the Hip Hop and Rap genre, feature pianos and other actual instruments in their songs, I know I’m going to find something different with them that I will 100% enjoy, and I did just so with Mac Miller’s “Come Back to Earth”.

Stay tuned next week for a breakdown of the next 15 songs!

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